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Envisioning the Future of Agroecology

My master thesis will address the following research question: "How can Visual Narratives be used to facilitate co-creation of knowledge processes between Stakeholders in the Field of Agroecology?" 

Visualizing a future scenario to work towards, based on criteria developed through a bottom-up approach might have the potential to create a more holistic view of a future food system that can be adapted to a specific context.

If you are interested to talk to me about the project, or have some ideas or interested insights to share, contact me :)



Envisioning Future Death Care Practices in Switzerland

In the context of my Masters in Circular Innovation and Sustainability at the Berner Fachhochschule (BFH) I wrote and illustrated a report on post death practices such as funeral rituals and burial methods in relation to sustainability.  The insights for this projects were gained through literature analysis, interviews with stakeholders from the industry and a focus group I organized. 


Your Project? 

In the future I want to work on meaningful projects in the field of sustainability and storytelling. Need some visuals for your company that is part of the transition or you want to showcase your scientific results or tell a story that shows a possible future scenario. If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, contact me :)

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